Pinch Nose, Count One to Three

29 April 2010


“…some talk about revolution, others talk about a natural evolution. These changes affect everything, from creation to distribution, from artist to consumer.”

Press Pause Play sums up this cosmic explosion of the creative mind. With an increasing supply of a multi-disciplinary workforce, corporations are carving up departments with opening job descriptions for that T individuals.

T abbreviates transdiciplinary.

This wave of mergers and acquisitions of talents and personalities inevitably evolve the pedagogy of established academic institutions and their reputations likewise. Business schools operating right in the heart of the city’s circus have recently appeal to aspiring artists and artisans; for an anthropologist and a film maker, it is more radical to switch sides.

We see fine arts colleges curating design departments, after free falling Foucault, we seek structure from Fuller. Art critics are churning out design manifestos to urge bespectacled starchitects to be more immersive in their ideas. Boutique publishing houses are gleefully taking on the craft of spine binding them beautiful prose.

In retrospect, once a musician told me that the best bands are formed in fine art studios, those who go to music schools prefer to perfect scores from the dead, that seems like a lifetime ago. Now music schools are re tuning sound waves with leading technological institutes. Classical geniuses perform scores reflecting his discovery of Garageband and Ableton.

That is of course the notion of ‘the best’ falls under the zero-genre.

At a dinner table, project work takes precedence over designation, we ask ‘what are you up to right now‘, ask not what we do.

Let us welcome this non-beginning.

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