Phosphorus Gallery

Flora Parrott @ TINTYPE, Mar 11 – Apr 19

11 March 2014

Flora Parrott is presenting solo exhibition Fixed Position at London’s TINTYPE gallery, running March 11 to April 19.

As the UK iteration of a curatorial collaboration with by Maria Montero of Phosphorus Gallery in São Paulo, the show explores ideas of ‘merging’ and ‘nowhereness’ in the virtual space, in parallel with that of the pitch black darkness of the PETAR Caves in Brazil.

As one of the largest concentrations of limestone caves in the world, Parrott’s disorienting experience there inspired her investigations into “certainty of position, fixity and the way we are defined by our edges” using three-dimensional diagrams to pin down and articulate instinctive experience across media.

See the TINTYPE gallery website for details. **

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