Peter Lindstrøm


2 November 2012

Only 4 days to go until Mr Lindstrøm‘s new and second album this year “Smalhans” is fully released on the wild  via Smalltown Supersound. 4 days until the Norwegian producer follows up on his “Six Cups of Rebel” but evolving from his percussion-obsession (and maybe not as sharp as previous works), to a more aerial & cosmic cut. Maybe now that Giorgio Moroder has joined soncloud uploading many of his hits, Smalhans will gain some traction on the dancefloor…?

Lindstrøm - Smalhans cover
Lindstrøm – Smalhans cover 

Next Tuesday it is, but he’s been kind enough to upload “Smalhans” on SC too, so we can all enjoy the trip before this ufo lands on your local club.

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