Petar Pasic

Bugs and Heroes

14 February 2012

Funny to see how some people have compared¬†Petar Pasic‘s upcoming “Bugs & heroes” (O bubicama i herojima) with something as unconnected as Joe’s Appartment (sort of the Alvin and the chipmunks of the 90s with less good-looking “pets”), although we have to admit that¬†cockroaches look the same regardless of their origin.

The Serbian director well (locally) known for his commercials is ready to bring new surreal Serbian cinema to our theaters (those left of course) much like Kusturica did in the 90s. We anticipate it will (at least) have a moderate sucess in France, you now how much they love surreal cinema (Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet…).

Bugs and heroes
Bugs and heroes

¬†The film, which tells us the story of a group of lonely characters (the wannabe superhero, the orphan, the night guard, the nurse…) and a parallel microcosm of insects is still in post-production so don’t expect it before 2013; but in the meanwhile we have this great trailer courtesy of the people at Doktor Fried. Enjoy!

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