PAF Festival of Film Animation Olomouc

Screen City Festival @ Stavanger, Norway, Oct 15 – 18

14 October 2015

Part of the Czech-Norwegian Festivals of Live Cinema collaboration, Screen City Moving Image Festival is presenting the Labour & The City In-between programme, running in Norway’s city of Stavanger, from October 15 to 18.

Presented by Screen City Festival and PAF Festival of Film Animation Olomouc, and curated by Daniela Arriado, the event aims to illuminate labour under a post industrial climate, questioning “how these industrial changes affect a city’s architectonic and social rooms”.

The festival in Norway is the first of two audio-visual audio-visual programmes, with the second to happen in the Czech city of Olomouc in December. As the press release states, Screen City Festival “geographically and socially responds to particular towns in the Czech Republic and Norway”. In Stavanger, the event will take place across the buildings of the Norwegian city, from its concert hall to the old industrial port.

The works and artists involved are as follows: Harun Farocki, Antje Ehmann, Rosa Barba, Katharina Gruzei, Beathe C Rønning, Matěj Al- Ali, Tomáš Moravec, Dan Gregor, Michal Pustějovský, Pjoni, Ján Šicko, Nils Henrik Asheim, Knut Åsdam, Martin Blažíček, Greg Pope, Veronika Vlková, Kateřina Koutná, Ane Hjort Guttu.

See the Screen City event page for details.**

Harun Farocki, Serious Games I-IV (2014). Installation view. Courtesy CAC, Vilnius.
Harun Farocki, Serious Games I-IV (2014). Installation view. Courtesy CAC, Vilnius.
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