Short Animated Oscars for 2012

16 November 2011

Ukas! Many directors we know have been craaaazily tweeting about their little babies being shortlisted for the Oscars this year (shortlist prior to the final nominees of course). Some more than others, but as usual, we have our favorites.

(oh wait this is not O’Reilly’s shortlisted E-world is it? Either way, he lost it again and here’s his latest subproduct)

A few of those are already available to stream on-line (go & look), but most of them are on-line restricted as part of their world festival tours conditions etc. This year’s main list jumps to 45 shorts (see the full list here), with the usual big studios and their big elephants (Pixar, Breakthru…), national film associations or schools but also many new exciting & independent ones.

You can see on the Cartoonbrew dedicated page a full list of the shortlisted and links to most of the film dedicated pages (or even a few trailers), and despite the amazing level (each year gets more & more competitive), there are very few that clearly have our heart. The obvious big buzzes of the year… (External World, Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, The Lost Town of Switez…) and some less orthodox bordering what the “Academy” could accept as morally awardable for an Oscar. Either way, the list will be chopped down to 5 nominees and we’ll get to know them next year.

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