Original Cheese

Gery Georgieva @ ANDOR, Mar 24 – Apr 16

22 March 2016

London’s ANDOR gallery will present solo show Original Cheese by Gery Georgieva, opening March 24 and running April 16.

The artist’s recent solo show Solo Romantika at East London’s Res. was introduced by a YouTube-style how-to make up prelude video displaying her scraping tiny decorative beads off her face like a face-mask before getting up and running away when she hears someone approach. The one-take aesthetic is complicated, quickly melting into something produced yet effortless, layered, sung over, performed, edited and manipulated.

The only thing we are presented with in the run up to Original Cheese is an image taken in a club, disco lights sprinkling the backs of the people in the photo, leaving, it seems, Georgieva to manipulate the experience of whatever will be installed in ANDOR to turn its back until attended, a bit like really, really cheesy music…

See the exhibition page for (limited) details**

Gery Georgieva, Solo Romantika 2015). Image courtesy the artist and Res.
Gery Georgieva, Solo Romantika (2015). Image courtesy the artist and Res.


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