23 May 2012

What are the best two things France has offered for quite a few decades already? Rap and local animation obviously. And when they merge they produce some memorable things. Like Odezzene‘s clip for their single-hole-multi-use-pyramid, out to the public earlier this month but a concept yet to be manufactured elsewhere… so we thought of sharing it see if they can find some wealthy investors.

You can shit, die, eat, sleep, dream, work, fuck and cry within… a whole life where the only thing left for this ingenious idea is to play with! Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka is behind this vid for the Bordeaux crew (aka o2zen) who decided to expand their glorious 2011 album with the Sun King edition earlier this year becoming one the greatest modern French hip-hop ovnis.

And a Fleischer Studios animation style is the perfect companion for Odezzene’s song… the buzz is so huge that Vladimir is about to release a version with English subtitles for every other mortal to understand the wonders of this pyramid-with-a-hole. We’ll let you know when he does.

One of their previous hits. For the rest… there is their soundcloud or a nice live gig if around the French-land.

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