Easter, ‘Kinds of Fruit’ release, Oct 18

18 October 2016

Easter have released new music video ‘Kinds of Fruit’, produced by Max Boss, on October 18.

The duo, comprising Boss and Stine Omar, have dropped the work  to help raise funds for UK Charity Abortion Support Network that works to fight the abortion-ban in Ireland and Poland, as well as support those travelling to the UK for help. The track is taken from their latest album NEW CUISINE PT 2, self-released on June 5, and features footage and video from a recent performance at Berlin’s HAU2 for 3hd Festival on October 15.

Easter presented HER OWN in collaboration with ASN, which included an auction where people could buy props from one of their videos. Through monetary transparency, the projects missions was to “raise the funds for a single abortion to signify its relating efforts and expenses.”

The project is invested in supporting the separation of human sexuality from reproduction.

See Easter’s website to find out more about the project, how you can donate and for more details.**

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