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My family and the wolf

20 March 2012

We didn’t expect less from such a talented trio as the Headless team is… Victor, Adrian & Alfredo are back to the animated arena with the trailer of their long-awaited “My Family and the Wolf” which they presented earlier on this month at Lyon’s “Cartoon Movie” festival….

Their genuine hand-drawn style is mixed this time with the talent of many ex-Gobelins French students and is being produced by the also French (and less than a year old) Nectarius Films studio (the personal project of Christine Ponzevera).

from My family and the wolf
from My family and the wolf

We really hope this project will see the daylight this year (or maybe in 2013?), as the toughest part of the process is still ahead… funding, partnerships… something they know always poses a problem (ask themselves about their previous projects…). But let’s stay positive, as they put it… “who wouldn´t like to see a happy bright movie in these times of greyness and pessimism, right?”

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