Nate Hitchcock

Theodore Darst’s #ETINTERBRO videos

19 April 2013

Theodore Darst‘s recent Earth.Art. and Inversions videos are being curated by Nate Hitchcock of open source exhibition site Apache Projects. He’s a member of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood, that communed and produced work from its recent location in the surrealist gardens of Mexico’s Las Posas from Sunday, April 9 to Saturday, April 15.

The annual communion of artists, writers and curators, begun last year on the mythical Greek island of Anafi, unifies the “creative offline and metaphysical online” and this year channels the Aztecs in its holistic approach to artistic disciplines and concepts. Where Darst’s animated 3D models in Earth.Art. were introduced into natural landscapes, Inversions takes that footage and reconfigures it into new models, to be projected onto surfaces in the surrealist gardens of Las Pozas. **

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