Nameless’ Evil

2 February 2013

Unique … or freaky? The proliferation of low-budget and DIY horror game titles is quite astonishing these days. We’re getting an announcement pretty much each week of a new piggy mod or a Slenderman contender, and it gets scarier each month.

Today Nameless’ EVIL got released via Desura¬†and while after having a good play at it we can honestly say it’s not the scariest title of all, a good walk through its surreal and infernal rooms could do your day.

“You’re in the evil’s mind. There’s no escape. You’re not sure what to do. You have to fight your fears, to your hell and to the evil itself. You’re dead”.

Evil is filled with plenty of references to other horror titles and while it looks like Mr J.P. could improve the story and interactivity substantially, we hope upcoming parts will keep the insane and “perturbed” artwork style he’s developed in this first title. More info and downloading links (it’s free after all) this way.

slender image
slender image
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