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Systaime @ SAIC + The Archer Beach Haus, Apr 5 + 8

4 April 2016

Systaime (aka Michaël Borras) is presenting FRENCH TRASH TOUCH in Chicago, as a screening at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) on April 5 and a performance at The Archer Beach Haus on April 8.

After the first event at the SAIC Film, Video, New Media, and Animation department on Tuesday, the Friday will include a solo audio-visual set of the work performed by Borras —founder of online art space SPAMM —at the RE:MESH.WWWERK/s night, hosted by Shai_Grl.

The event will be accompanied by karaoke and drag performances by the likes of Kellie Wyatt, Anja MorellMolly Hewitt and others, while participants are encouraged to get involved by declaring their interest to get on stage before or on the night, with the theme “only sad as fuck depressing songs / slit wrist / lol”.

See the RE:MESH.WWWERK/s website for details.**

Michaël Borras (aka Systaime, 'FRENCH TRASH TOUCH' (2015). Browser still. Courtesy the artist.
Michaël Borras (aka Systaime), ‘FRENCH TRASH TOUCH’ (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
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