‘My Dear Diary’

Yorkson @ 5 Aty Space, Aug 20 – Oct 20

22 August 2016

London-based artist and DJ Yorkson will present solo show, My Dear Diary, at Guangzhou’s 5 Art Space in China opening August 20 and running to October 20.

Co-organised by Newgate Studio London, the exhibition places the ‘Young-Girl’ at the centre of Yorkson’s role-play, looking at consumerism’s colonization of human bodies and the products we’ve become. Informed by her research into the conditions of human beings in the era of post-capitalism, the work responds to the way the internet complicates the relationship between public and private; a transparent space for others’ gazing.

Recent exhibitions include Artificial Fairyland (2015) and MONO 4 (2015) in London and Paris.

Visit the FB event page for more details.**


        Yorkson, ‘My Dear Diary 1: girls should look after themselves’ (2016). HD Video excerpt. Courtesy of           the artist.

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