Move to Move

Move to Move

28 May 2012

None of us was there 3 weeks ago for the return of Ohad Naharin to the Nederlands Theatre 1 and his ballet Secus, nor for Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s Silent Screen & Shine a Light…. or last February for Alexander Ekman’s premiere of his new piece Left right Left right. But the wonders of technology allow us to have this week the opportunity to watch one of the NDT performances live from your cinema sofa.

It will happen this Thursday in one of the Pathe 400 cinemas that the live performance of the NDT1 “Move to move” will be presented live from La Haye, and on top of that we’ll get (pre-recorded unfortunately) Ekman’s newest piece for the NDT2.

You can ignore our advice and miss it, or watch this first partnership with what we hope will become some sort of regular habit. Many European cities will get this bizarre opportunity (all over France, Brussels, Madrid, Prague..) so if you live in one of those lucky places… GO! Not cheap (around 20€) but not your average evening neither. More info this way.

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