26 September 2011

There weren’t many surprises at this year’s Eurogamer Expo last week. So few that I’m only going to talk about the Arcade mini booth (given that the queue to try Sony’s PSP VIta was amaaaaaaaaazingly long and the queue for OnLive’s UK arrival was even worst).

It was nice ┬áto see a dedicated (Sega-branded) Indie-game area, proof that the community & trend keeps getting more & more attention. The guys from Santa Ragione were there with their great Fotonica, Goldhawk Interactive were also there with their exciting Xenonauts (can’t wait to get my hands on this one), even some viking developers were there to scare me out and convince me to get my hands in their rather slow RPG.

Most of the developers were Europeans (Brits & Irish mostly) and even if not every single game was mind-blowng (too many flashy-neon styles) it was really nice to discover great pieces like the one developed by iwait4 (Stas Gailunas) , Vidroid & Lionwood: Molecats.

In essence Molecats is a tile-twisting puzzled adventure where you have to guide these little creatures through the caves and the underground world filled with monsters, traps and puzzles. You can get an idea from the video but the best thing is that they just enabled a playable demo on their website (until the full-version is released…). Enjoy!

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