MIKI: Scene 39

LM Salling @ Sorbus, Jul 12 – 30

11 July 2016

LM Salling is  presenting solo exhibition, MIKI: Scene 39 at Helsinki’s at Sorbus Galleria, opening July 12 and running July 30.

The event comes hand-in-hand with an interview held between Sorbus and the Finnish artist and posted in full on the FB event, acting as a form of information, or a distraction, perhaps, that circulates the exhibition, which comprises of a sculpture featuring an image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, as well as some new paintings.

As the interview discusses, MIKI has been elsewhere, in LM Salling’s MFA degree show for one, and there is a sense that the coming exhibition in the Helsinki space —that has recently hosted Jupiter Woods and artist Anna Zett —is investigating the endless potential, and its variants, in symbolic values and materials that may be used and found in a single art work, or indeed symbol.

See the Sorbus Galleria website  for more information.**

LM Salling, 'The Exam 42' (2016). Courtesy the artist.
LM Salling, ‘The Exam 42’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.

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