Michael Debatty

Michael Debatty + Noah Barker @ Exo Exo + Lodos, Jun 23

21 June 2016

Paris’ EXO EXO and Mexico City’s Lodos Gallery have teamed up to present duo show by Michael Debatty and Noah Barker on June 23 in the former’s Paris site.

The press release discusses the exhibition in terms of what it describes as the ‘micro’, pragmatically framing the angle as one that aids coalition and alliance building between project spaces such as Exo in France and Lodos in Mexico:

“This is not to conclude the engagement as ineffectual in furthering the collective interests; rather it invites a time for sober second thoughts and doses of pragmatism.”

The short one-day gap that the exhibition can be referred to is also a coming together of a larger gap, quite intentionally it seems, left open, between “expectation and product” on the artists’ part, creating a space for “alternative vision”, as there is otherwise very little information to accompany the untitled show, and a plain grey jpeg poses as its leading image.

Debatty is Leige-based and Barker, New York-based, has presented in Mexico with the likes of Puppies Puppies and Aline Bouvy.

See the FB event for more details.**

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