Mense Reents


15 August 2011

It’s like one of those bad dreams. Or one of those old photos from your grandpa with hidden ghosts (or ugly faces, same effect) in it.

Die Vögel’s (duo formed by Jakobus Siebels & Mense Reents) recently released a new 12″ under Pampa Recrods (DJ Koze, Isolee) which you can listen to on their soundcloud page along with many of their previous jewels. Jakobus has previously recorded albums for Tomlab or Chicks On Speed Records while Reents is a member of the groups ‘Egoexpress’, ‘Die Goldenen Zitronen’ and ‘Stella’, and operates the Art Blakey Studios in Hamburg.

Die Vögel

This is their second relase under Pampa and have paired it up with this great video by  Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn.  Ahhhh I missed mi-ni-mal!

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