Matthew Thomas Masurka

Don’t Stop ft. Jana Nyberg

13 July 2012

If we keep using racing film footage or dystopian worlds for electronic music video clips (btw… you haven’t missed Justice’s latest clip have you? should have thrillions of views by now but…) then most film makers will run out of vintage material to use in the coming years (just think of Symmetry, Gentlemen Drivers or Labyrinth Ear earlier this year).

For Gigamesh latest clip “Don’t Stop” (taken from his May-released EP  All my life on Kitsuné) a new automobile deadly competition from the 70s is used, the one where David Carradine to ran down ordinary people for a few points… hard to imagine which futuristic-post-industrial race will be used next….

All my Life Kitsune EP Cover
All my Life Kitsune EP Cover

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