Matt Carlson

Emily Jones @ S1, May 28 – Jun 28

28 May 2015

Emily Jones brings her latest exhibition to Portland, Oregon’s S1, titled Orange House Action Clinic and running at the gallery and project space from May 28 until June 28.

Artist-run S1, directed by Erik Carlson, Felisha Ledesma, and Alex Ian Smith, brings Jones’ solo show which, like always, is introduced via a series of evocative and seemingly disjointed images and phrases. Words like “martyr” and “apostle” and followed by non-sensical dyads like “peninsula / imposter” and “diametric / innocence”.

The exhibition’s FB page comes with a series of images, also accompanied with dyadic images of sculptures and close-ups of encrusted jewels presented with phrases like “Firm\firmament – The Great Halls of Listening (you are forever you are forever you are forever you are forever)”. None of it quite adds up in introduction but makes sense in the peculiar taxonomy of Jones’s work, to be expanded on in a panel discussion with the artist, along with Eleanor Ford and Matt Carlson on May 29.

See the exhibition page for (minimal) details. **


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