Mary Rose Cook

Empty Black

18 September 2012

Couldn’t be simpler than a few white squares and the empty black universe… but multidisciplinary NY-based artist¬†Mary Rose Cook has just made an improved and even more appealing version of her previous 2D shooter “Pistol Slut”.

New dynamics for Empty Black which proposes something as simple as guiding your own squared hero through an empty world with a simplistic atmosphere reminding us of Mike Bithell’s Thomas was alone, although much simpler, and just as enjoyable.

Empty black game still
Empty black game still

Fire a few bullets to stun an enemy, then close in and stab them to death with your sword. Fire a rocket from a distance and blow an enemy off a ledge. Deftly jump from a wall to a collapsing pile of crates to another wall, then drop down in a surprise attack. Use your sword to throw a crate onto a button to release some more crates that will form a platform over which to slide another crate to another button. Blow a door with a perfectly judged throw of a time bomb. Use a portable turret to draw fire and then sneak round the back and clean up.

¬†Sounds easy… but you definitely have a great shooter in-front of you and all you need is a browser supporting HTML5…. play it here.

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