Marios Athanasiou

Marios Athanasiou @ arebyte, Apr 2 – May 2

1 April 2015

London gallery arebyte is bringing in artist Marios Athanasiou for an audio-video installation titled Superposition, running at the Queen’s Yard art space from April 2 to May 2.

Athanasiou, who also works as curator at online exhibition space, has created an audio-video installation designed to examine the converging interactions between online and offline experiences. Drawing on the parallels between quantum physics and virtual reality, and referring to the quantum physics phenomenon where “a particle can exist in all possible states, as a wave of probability, until it is observed and then collapses into a singular state of existence”, Athanasiou examines the cybernetic system of energy exchange that exists between the physical and virtual worlds.

He does this by filling an acrylic tank with green UV reactive liquid and placing it inside a black cube that is in turn filled with UV lights. The lights cause the liquid to emit light and, thanks to the transducers placed underneath the tank, to vibrate. These movements are recorded by water sensors inside the tank, and translated into a computer code of virtual waves that can be accessed at

See the exhibition page for details. **

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