Mario Ayala

Shaky Towns @ Alter Space, Aug 6 – Sep 17

4 August 2016

The Shaky Towns group exhibition is on at San Francisco’s Alter Space, opening August 6 and running to September 17.

The two-part exhibition will simultaneously be held at Alter Space and The Battery. It features fourteen artists currently living and working in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The intention and theme is to create visual dialogue between the two cities, while “concurrently addressing their divergent attributes”. There is an emphasis on the two areas and the artists that reside there, but also how the selection of the work is “uniquely attuned to the variant of the two physical spaces”.

Exhibiting artists include Ariana Papademetropoulos, Charlie Leese, James Georgopoulos, James Gobel, Joe McKee, Kim Ye, Marcela Pardo Ariza, Mario Ayala, Nick Makanna, Rachel LaBine, Ryan Perez, Ross Simonini, Sam Spano, and Willy Reed.

See the Alter Space website for more details.**

Shaky Towns @ Alter Space, Aug 6 - Sep 17

Nick Makanna, ‘Ruinscape.02’ (2016). Spray paint, acrylic, and oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.

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