Mariano Caloso

De la cabeza

26 November 2012

The exoticism of hispanic lips pronouncing easy-to-remember words like “Guerrero”, “Papel” or “Cabeza” is something that German label Kompakt predicted and managed to successfully exploit throughout the rest of Europe a few years ago.

Since Cómeme opened back in 2009 we haven’t stopped dancing harder & harder to the point of willing to become South Americans when we reincarnate after this end-of-year apocalypse. A few days ago we decided we wanted to become Argentinians, and not because of Miss Kirchner, but for DJs Pareja who just released their 12” “De la cabeza”.

The 4-track EP can be listened via Cómeme’s souncloud page so you can practice your Spanish while fantasizing about traveling to one of Mariano and Diego’s Fun Fun nights in Buenos Aires and letting yourself go…

De la cabeza clip by Andrés Andreani
De la cabeza clip by Andrés Andreani

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