Marcell Mars

aaaaarg is being sued for copyright infringement

11 January 2016

Online academic journal resource is being sued by an unknown publisher in Quebec.

LA-based Sean Dockray, who founded the site in 2005 with “free software advocate”, Marcell Mars -who more recently made the amended: -announced the update on his Facebook page. This news brings the future of the vast collection of scanned and uploaded documents into question, which has been available for many years to access and download, free of charge.

aaaaarg is known for housing the rarest gems of articles as well as its discussions around anti-copyright ideas. Artist Cornelia Sollfrank produced  ‘Giving What You Don’t Have’ in 2013, a video with Dockray and Mars, alongside Kenneth Goldsmith and Dmitry Kleiner, sharing their thoughts on intellectual property and the commodification of work.

See the aaaaarg GoFundMe campaign for more details. **

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