Soulwax Machine

21 November 2011

They can be very animal these 4, and their latest film by Saam Farahmand to promote & buzz their radiosoulwax web & app project is very much brutish.

“Machine” is the clip that’s being spreading virally across the Internet in an attempt to  “create a unique interpretation of the ethos behind the  radiosoulwax project”. A sexy, sweaty musical obsession that started off last summer bringing one hour-long mixes with visuals similar to those used in the 2manydjs live sets (24 initially) each with its own visual theme.

The initiative has been available for iOS and Android devices through their own apps, but those amazing 1h sessions are now available via vimeo as the quartet have decided to create their very own channel:

Don’t be afraid… it’s not too intense, nor too crazy… it’s only the best way  2manydjs thought of to share their new mixes. Enjoy!

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Brandt Brauer Frick’s ‘Mr. Machine’ reviewed.

5 November 2011

Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble are one of the few bands that manage to convince you that there is in fact an underlying universal truth to what makes good and bad music, you just have to know what it is. Hell, if they can make a hybrid fusion of classical virtuosity with synthesisers, two modes of expression that are worlds apart, then they’re clearly doing well.

There are many of us suspicious of the urban/ classical overlap, it’s probably in the similarly problematical realm of modern free jazz for many, but it’s only now and then you come across someone who not only does it well, but also keeps it interesting. Micachu & the Shapes did it by taking the Texan method of Turntablism, crudely called ‘chopping and screwing’, to the London Sinfonietta and producing something in equal parts divisive, avant-garde and unsettling in emotional and creative scope. Continue reading Brandt Brauer Frick’s ‘Mr. Machine’ reviewed.

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