19 March 2011

The other great piece that also grabbed our attention @ last week’s “Remastered” exhibition was Chris Harris’ (a.k.a. Lung) Munchausen. A great mixed media work revisiting the highly famous Scream by Edward Munch.

Some of you ┬ámay not like the excessive pop level Lung has taken the XIX century piece but many like Warhol (or even the Simpsons) have prostituted the piece for few $$ so….

Mr Lung has managed to bring a bit of anxiety and tension in such sculpture, animation & sound work, a bit brutal and easy to memorize.

“This work takes on the form of a decrepit wall, a once monolithic theme park appendage.” This colourful wall embedded with manic animations comments on the continual reuse of Munch’s iconic image over time. Appropriating various interpretations of The Scream from popular and entertainment culture, Lung nods to Macaulay Culkin’s screaming face from Home Alone and the masks from the teen slasher film, Scream.

“I’ve drawn a line between Munch’s central character in The Scream, and tried to offset that with imagery that is iconic today.”

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