Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull

LT presents Anonymous @ Southbank Centre, Mar 29

29 March 2016

Local Transport present ANONYMOUS, a night of live art at London’s Southbank Centre on March 29.

ANONYMOUS is the first event curated by nomadic cultural platform Local Transport while they are on a residency in the Southbank Centre and they are aiming to do more, three-part editions, each examining economics and politics through live arts and cabaret performance.

Each of the artists, London-basel based Sophie Jung, filmmakers Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, and Serbian artist Bogomir Doringer whose solo show, Faceless ii, aqnb reviewed in 2013, will ask of anonymity its capacity to protect and dissolve us from permanence, injustice and consequence and the kinds of identity left by and under its thinning shield.

Jung, who has recently shown with Soft Focus Institute and Gallery Nectar will present a new spoken word piece under the banner ‘DIGITAL’, in which we might expect her usual sad and playful word-games, personal experience and intimate details combined explicitly with the disillusionment of politics, and social commentary.

The the event page for more details**

Sophie Jung, The Servant Problem (White House Cornered), video still from performance documentation (2015). Courtesy the artist
Sophie Jung, ‘The Servant Problem (White House Cornered)’, video still from performance documentation (2015). Courtesy the artist



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