Whitey Bare Bones Project

3 January 2013

Whitey decided to give us a big big gift this past Monday when reaching those first £10,000 of his crowdfunding campaign “Bare Bones”; providing us with one another of his elusive & addictive pieces  “No more right or wrong”, something more clubby than what we’re used to.

We have to admit being quite deceived with the lack of attention towards this funding project and precisely the  media disregard… maybe we were all expecting the end of the world instead?

And because we’ve always been secretly in love with Whitey’s dark paths we’re willing to add “BB” to our long-list of supported projects. As Nathan Joseph & the always evolving Whitey project prepare and polish a new work  it looks like they’re willing to stay without label… and KS could help with that.

With this KS campaign they propose to support a physical-release dream and a never-ending tour (amongst many other crowdfunding traditional goodies) … which sounds like fun actually, so we thought…. Bare Bones will probably be released digitally but… it would be even better to hold it, something kind of rare these days.

A rough demo of his track “NMROR” was also made available via his bandcamp page as a first teaser…. have you cracked yet? We did. More info this way.

a title=”kscampaign” href=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/njwhitey/whitey-bare-bones-project-new-lp-full-tour-box-set” target=”_blank”

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