Liv Wynter

A change of perspective with the Super Yonic women’s arts festival at Copeland Gallery, Aug 3 – 5

1 August 2017

The Super Yonic arts festival is on at London’s Copeland Gallery, running August 3 to 5.

The three day women’s programme brings together visual art, films, live music, performance and more to explore “the importance of the female perspective and how it continuously shapes the world around us.” 

Among the 22 artists exhibiting, there are also workshops, which include ‘What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Collage & Zine Workshop by Georgie McAusland and Hannah Redpath, ‘Warrior Women – a Confidence Workshop by Lisa Strautmann, ‘MANIFESTO: Radical Art in Practice’ by Liv Wynter and ‘To Dare! A Performance Persona Workshop by Jo Hauge. 

Films include ‘Ladylike’ by Clarisse Hassan, ‘Illusions’ by Dominica Harrison, ‘Free Safe Legal’ by Hattie Ladd and ‘Resilience In the face of White’ by Tina Rashidi.

Visit the Super Yonic website for details.**

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Laugh Magazine Issue 2 launch @ LD50, Sep 29

27 September 2016

Laugh Magazine is launching its second issue at London’s LD50 on September 29.

The new edition features work by Catherine Biocca, who recently took part in a two-person exhibition at Beijing’s I: project space last April, Aurora Sander, Geo Wyeth, and Joey Holder, who was one of five artists selected for the ‘Platform 2016’ programme of the Deptford X Festival.

Liv Wynter and Emily Pope will each perform the night of the launch. The evening includes video and installations with an after party at The Victoria in Dalston, which includes music from Poppy Tibbs and PUSSY MAFIA.

See the FB event page for more details.**

LAUGH Magazine Issue 2 Launch + Show @ LD 50, Sep 29

Image courtesy of Laugh Magazine.

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Liv Wynter @ The Royal Standard, Jul 4 – 10

4 July 2016

Liv Wynter is taking over The Royal Standard in Liverpool, running July 4 to 10.

The week will bring a series of talks, events, workshops and performances arranged and facilitated by the artist at the gallery and brought together under the title How Much Art They Paying You?

The residency is directed explicitly and specifically towards other artists and the wider community who are working class, queer, who identify as female, non-binary and PoC, and who are frustrated at the “lack of funding for radical art practice”, among other things that Wynter notes as a form of “direct retaliation” in the capitalised press release.

All performers will be paid and all workshops are free.

Of specific note is the artist talk Wynter will be giving on July 5 where she will be discussing her personal practice as well as her involvement with the recent campaign, movement and activist group, WHEREISANAMENDIETA, who have recently protested in London over the exclusion of women of colour within art history.

See The Royal Standard website for more details.**

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Queerness and Literature & Liv Wynter performance, Feb 16

15 February 2016

King’s College London are collaborating with KCL LGBT+ to host a night of queer literature and performance on February 16.

The invitation and evening also takes the form of an open call for those wishing to attend who would like to contribute, read or perform a favourite passage from queer literature. There is the option to speak about why each piece has influenced personal understandings of queerness.

London-based poet and rapper Liv Wynter will be performing on the night and will be supported by the Kings College LGBT+ president, Travis Alabanza.

See the FB Event for more details and to propose a passage**


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Running up that Building… @ Scena Productions, Jan 24

21 January 2015

Scena Productions is hosting a new Art Licks exhibition titled Running up that Building and Diving into the Pool, openinh January 24.

The group show, which brings a whole slew of artists – including Amalie Jakobsen (also functioning as curator with Oliver Hickmet), Kyungmin Sophia SonOskar Jakobsen, Daniel Szor and Alexander Glass , along with about 16 others – takes the location as the starting point.

Situated inside a soon-to-be swanky building, already demolished and built up again, the exhibition press release hints to a certain impermeability within the evolving world: “Years from now, it will still be here, as it looks now, when we see it from above on Google Maps, or look in the front gates on Street View.”

Accompanying the exhibition’s opening is a series of performances by three contributing artists: Joseph Buckley‘s at 19:45, Jack Jubb‘s at 20:45 and Liv Wynter‘s at 21:30.

See the Art Licks events page for details. **

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