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Racheal Crowther, Dan Szor + #MAZE @ Caustic Coastal, Jun 30 – Jul 31

29 June 2016

Racheal Crowther and Dan Szor‘s Neither Happy Nor an Hour joint exhibition and the #MAZE group  show is on at Manchester’s Caustic Coastal, opening June 30 and running to July 31.

Artists featured in #MAZE include current This Time With FEELing resident Sophie Mallett along with Marie Toseland, who will be performing together on the opening event, Leah Dixon, who has contributed a new bar and Isaac Lythgoe among several more.

Crowther has recently shown at Berlin’s M.I/mi1glisse and Szor at the Aspirational Living weekender Trace Program.

Art label Caustic Coastal has just opened three new spaces, and its curators have been prolific in the past few years gathering artists in group shows in both Manchester and Stockholm. Curator, Dean Brierley also runs an artist talk programme at Islington Mill, recently hosting Beatrice Loft Schulz & Laura Morrison.

The active Caustic Coastal Facebook profile has already posted some photos of the shows about to open.

See the FB event page for more details.**

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Metatextile: Ruptured narratives… @ Edel Assanti, Jun 9 – Aug 12

7 June 2016

The Metatextile: Ruptured Narratives, Exchanged Values group exhibition is on at London’s Edel Assanti, opening June 9 and running to August 12.

The show brings together works that are united in their employment of fabric and textiles, looking to evoke all of the varied and intimate politics that are bound up in the production of items and artworks that utilise such materials and methods.

Textiles and sculptures included in the exhibition are by Pio Abad, artist collective Slavs and Tatars, Jeremy Deller & Ed Hall, a work by Russian Constructivist, Liubov Popova from 1924, Leah Dixon and Timur Novikov among others.

See the Edel Assanti website for more information.**

Timur Novikov's appliqué work. Courtesy Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
Timur Novikov’s appliqué work. Courtesy Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.


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