Ladette Space

Benjamin Edwin Slinger @ Ladette Space, Sep 4 – 6

4 September 2015

Artist Benjamin Edwin Slinger opens a solo show titled So Sorry at London’s Ladette Space, where it will run from September 4 until September 6.

The exhibition comes at the end of Slinger’s three-month residency at the London art space, where Slinger worked to develop the concept and process for the exhibition, which he describes obliquely as: “Faux intellectuality, stupidity & science fiction seem vaguely synonymous with my practice. My work is confused and aims to alienate you and your cool friends.”

Introduced with only a few abstract lines — “A truly empty gesture, one of self loathing and contempt for legitimate apology / The Idea of the pathetic as masculine gesture / Is science fiction implicit in the lies we tell ourselves” — the exhibition’s particular medium and theme are still unknown.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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