kristin smallwood

Kristin Smallwood @ American Medium, Aug 11 – Sep 4

3 August 2016

Kristin Smallwood presents debut solo exhibition IUD at New York’s American Medium, opening August 11 and running to September 4.

The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, and video. Through this media, the Camarillo-based artist uses satire and provocation as tools to investigate “our relationship to the female body, the male-centric modes of birth control, and how the female body is minimized in stature by the ogling eye”.

The press release further describes the themes of the exhibition as being about about mind and body sacrifice “for anything and everything related to reproduction, love, and destruction.” It goes on to say that it’s at the intercourse of ideas around inherent misogyny in our society: “It is an expression of what it feels like to be walked on mentally and physically by other humans and by devices such as birth control.”

See the American Medium website for more details.**

Kristin Smallwood @ American Medium, Aug 5 - Sep 4

Image courtesy of the artist and American Medium, New York.


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