Kristin Lucas

What Shall We Do Next @ Diverse Works, Jan 14 – March 19

12 January 2016

What Shall We Do Next is a group show at Diverse Works in Houston opening January 14 and running to March 19.

The artists in question are Danielle Dean, Kristin Lucas, Julien Prévieux, and the artist collective Versace Versace Versace, formally known as Guccivuitton

The show wants to examine the tight and mimetic relationships between art and fashion, and art and corporate branding. Is there an exchange? Is there anymore room for this? Its title is from a video and performance work by French artist Prévieux, which is based on an ensemble of hand gestures that have been patented by a variety of global tech companies.

See Diverse Works website for more info**




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My First 3D – Part II @ Microscope, Nov 2

2 November 2015

My First 3D -Part II is being held at New York’s Microscope gallery on November 2.

Organised by Ben Coonley, this group show screens the first ever 3D project from a range of new and experienced artists. Coined as ‘”idiosyncratic, playful, raw and personal”, the films range in length – from the instant to over 10 minutes. Central to the works is artistic playfulness and development in light of new technologies – learning new software and developing “new relationships to space”.

Participating artists are including, Morehshin Allahyari, Robbie Brannigan, Jacob Ciocci, Theodore Darst, Cecilia Dougherty, Tim Geraghty, Claudia Hart, Elliot Kaufman, Simone Leitner, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, Takeshi Murata, Lisa Oppenheim, Eva Papamargariti, Keith Sanborn, Mariana Silva, Joshua Gen Solondz, Andre Springer, Katie Torn, and Giselle Zatonyl.

See the Microscope Gallery event page for details.**

Claudia Hart @ Coded After Lovelace (2014). Courtesy the artist.
Claudia Hart @ Coded After Lovelace (2014). Courtesy the artist.
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