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‘Children of the Mantic Stain’ @ Southbank Centre, Aug 10

9 August 2016

Linder Sterling is presenting performance ‘Children of the Mantic Stain’ at London’s Southbank Centre on August 10.

Inspired by her earlier artwork, Diagrams of Love: Marriage of Eyes, the new ballet “melds artwork and movement to explore depictions of the feminine” in visual culture, drawing attention to institutionalised misogyny. It features a gun-tufted wool rug backed with gold lamé, which was created in collaboration with Dovecot Tapestry Studio.

The rug is cut in spiral form and incorporated into the movement of the dancers, while  referencing Surrealist artist Ithell Colquhoun’s notion of “automatism, or the ‘mantic stain’, meditative labyrinths and Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures”.

The ballet is produced in collaboration with choreographer Kenneth Tindall, fashion designer Christopher Shannon and composer Maxwell Sterling, and will be performed by dancers from Northern Ballet.

Sterling is an artist and musician famous for her role in the punk and post-punk arts and music scene in Manchester in the mid-1970s.

See the Southbank Centre website for more details.**

Children of the Mantic Stain @ Southbank Centre, Aug 10

Linder Sterling, ‘Self montage with cling-film’ (1981). Photograph. Courtesy the artist.

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