Karen Kramer

Borrowed Time @ Jerwood Space, March 8 – April 24

7 March 2016

Two films commissioned by Jerwood/FVU Awards last year in response to the theme Borrowed Time will be shown in an exhibition of the same name at London’s Jerwood Space opening March 8 and running April 24.

There is still a couple of days until March 11 to submit a proposal to this years theme -for next year’s show –Not One Thing or Another.

The two artists who won the large awards are London based Alice May Williams and Karen Kramer and their works ‘Dream City – More, Better, Sooner’ and ‘The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land’ will be on show within the space.

As the title of the show suggests, the work in the exhibition, alongside the videos, will look at borrowing, like putting things off, living off nothing tangible and promises of tomorrow, perhaps.

Borrowed Time will also be on show at Glasgow’s CCA in the coming summer months.

See the Jerwood webpage for more details.**

Karen Kramer, 'Ted' (2012). Courtesy the artist.
Karen Kramer, ‘Ted’ (2012). Courtesy the artist.



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‘A Night With Jupiter Woods’ @ Shanaynay, Feb 5

3 February 2016

‘A Night With Jupiter Woods’ is at Paris’ Shanaynayas a part of their A Night With series running throughout the month, on February 5.

“Eighteen months at sea, we are now beginning to trace the contours of what constitutes this ambiguous being, Jupiter Woods”, sighs the accompanying letter for the upcoming event, sent to Shanaynay.

Jupiter Woods will “bring forth actants” Sanna Helena Berger, Eloïse BonneviotKaren KramerJaakko Pallasvuo and Sam Smith –each of whom have worked closely in the past year with the South East London project space –by showing films by the artists, before discussing how they will continue to exist as this “ambiguous being”.

“What are the conditions in which we operate?” ask Jupiter Woods co-founders Carolina Ongaro and Hanna Laura Kaljo in their letter. It seems a timely conversation to be having in relation to preservation, integrity, risk and “unlearning” within the presentation and curatorial sides of the art world.

See the FB Event page for more details and to read the letter in full.**

Ted, Karen Kramar (2012). Courtesy the artist.
Karen Kramer, ‘Ted’ (2012). Courtesy the artist.


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Karen Kramer @ Jupiter Woods, Jun 18 – 28

16 June 2015

Jupiter Woods invites artist Karen Kramer to host a presentation titled Epona’s Wall over ten days at their London space, running June 18 to 28.

The presentation, the press release writes, is both “depository and reliquary, memorial and inventory”, developed under the ‘remarks upon method’ curatorial project by Hanna Laura Kaljo. Backed by an installation of artifacts—”offerings from the river to the racehorse”—Kramer explores temporality “as a trauma of varying scales” including human, geological, and archeological, and the act of collecting and archiving as a means of mourning.

A ‘reading room’ will accompany Kramer’s presentation as an adjacent display of research materials and will include guest contributors, and two public reading group events will take place—on Sunday, June 21 and Sunday, June 28—to guide a collective discussion of key materials within artists’ research. An online element of the ten-day presentation will launch concurrently at www.eponaswell.com

See the FB event page for details. **

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