Justin Jaeckle

In the Memewhile @ Auto Italia, May 10

9 May 2014

Carrying on Auto Italia‘s month-long opti-ME* exhibition and event series,  Justin Jaeckle leads “an evening of high performance [anxiety]” at the London art space, May 10.

Promising a deep and ambient exploration of “socialised futures and digital imbibing” the space will be transformed into a site for “the broadcast of the self and the magic realism of networks” throughout the day, ending with an hour-long “Meditation for Narcissists” session via Skype with Shia LaBeouf and his Out of Office collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner.

The event also promises ‘Mok Bang Pizza Party’ broadcast stream from Korea and “.COM Wine Reception + Gagavić Muzak” involving alcohol and an auto-tuned soundtrack of Marina Abramović and Lady Gaga sobbing by Warsaw-based producer Pierre LX.

“Movies have been replaced by interactive live streaming events. MJ returns to the stage as a spectral hologram from beyond the grave, as psychic retromania gains virtual corporality. Living recording artists no longer tour, but host one off spectaculars – tickets to which sell in nanoseconds for thousands of pounds, purchased by the rich who own tailor made sniping algorithms, whilst the world’s consumer underclass watch at a distance through pay-per-view retinal screens. Increasing bandwidth has enabled the population to live-stream their own lives, gaining personal resolution through high definition, as Endemol looks on from the sidelines and cherry picks its new reality stars for syndication. The Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion is sponsored by Instagram, as the Arsenale is filled with photogenic immersive installation experiences. Marina Abramovich duets with Lady Gaga on a track entirely composed of their auto-tuned sobbing. The word ‘art’ falls out of common usage, since economic regulation of the art market forces consolidation of the long held suspicion that its artifacts might merely be operating as speculative currency, and a culture of widespread exhibitionism forever alters the perception of exhibition culture…”

See the Auto Italia website for details. **


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