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Unlocking the utopian club with Wiener Festwochen’s ‘Hyperreality’ programme, May 12 – Jun 18

23 May 2017

Wiener Festwochen‘s Hyperreality music programme is on at Vienna’s Schloss Neugebäude, running May 24 to 27.

As part of the Austrian art and culture festival, running May 12 to June 18, the three-days of music events ask its audience to “perceive the club as a utopian space” with a performance per day by groups of artists including the likes of  Battle-ax, Holly Herndon, Jlin, Nidia Minaj, Endgame, Mechatok, Tami TAmnesia Scanner, Embaci, Klein, Chino Amobi, Angel-Ho, Juliana HuxtableFatima al Qadiri, Tomasa del RealGhazal, and many more.

Running since the 1950s, the Fest defines itself as a space that challenges “the dominant patterns of thought and action, creating space for ecstatic experience, releasing potential, and producing utopias,” bringing together theatre, music, fine arts, performance, dance, installation, workshops and more.

In addition to the music programming, a number of events are taking place at the Academy of Unlearning and Performeum (temporary museum for performance), with some recommendations below:

– Tianzhuo Che’s musical-heratical Ishvara 
– niv acosta’s sultry installation and performance DiscotropicApr 2 + Jun 1 – 3
– Chris Salter + TeZ’s immersive installation Haptic Field, Jun 15 – 18
-Daniel Lie’s Death Center for the Living where “dense scenarios emerge,” May 18 – Jun 11
– Prof*X Magdalena Chowaniec, Prof*X Elizabeth Ward present the Anti-Fascist Ballet Schoola “spring exorcism for well-being,” May 17 – Jun 16
– Museum of Worldlessness exhibition, Jun 8 – 11
– Prof*X Fannie Sosa presents a discussion and twerkshop Pleasure Against the MachineJun 2 + 3

See the Festwochen website for details.**

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