Josué Peralta

De Genero Humano

27 March 2011

Many Mexican artists keep mixing their very pagan & dark (but humorous) motifs, and in the case of Josué Peralta there’s no room for naivite, warmth or pop expressions. It has to be visceral and as humanly raw as possible. It’s  our very own nature after all.


Peralta is a very primary artist, with his needs, with what he consumes and expresses. He loves to “drink till there’s no memory of the beginning, and having some premises of anemia and asthma he’s quite indifferent the people he loves the most”. He shits his pants, commits suicide, masturbates and vomits… constantly.


We tell you, very visceral. Very instinctive, basic, spontaneous…. very Mexican. We applaud it, and you will too.

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