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And so it was, and so it is @ Turf Projects, Sep 9 – Oct 22

8 September 2016

The And so it was, and so it is group exhibition is on at London’s Turf Projects, opening September 9 and running to October 22.

Challenging the traditional format of a themed group effort, the show began with a year-long collaboration between the artists that resulted in a short story, which then became the foundation for subsequent exhibitions. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night travelled around England, each time presenting a new incarnation. Like the game exquisite corpse, the artists, including Florent Dubois, Graeme Durant, Jemma Egan, Lindsey Mendick, Suzanne Posthumus and Josh Whitaker, took turns adding content to the narrative creating a “sensational and exaggerated work”. The intention was to “celebrate the farce and lightness that underpins their practice”.

And so it was, and so it is is the culmination of a year’s collaborative work. A large scale group installation exploring the work created over the duration of this project, interlinking themes and practices to create new narratives and tales . The artists will be taking over the walls, floors, Twitter and Instagram of Turf Projects, submerging all aspects of the gallery’s identity into their “overzealous and sensational aesthetic”.

See the Turf Projects website for more details.**

And so it was, and so it is @ Turf Projects, Sep 9 - Oct 22

Suzanne Posthumus, ‘Models’ (2015). Ceramic. Courtesy the artist.

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TRU LUV @ Turf, May 28 – Jun 27

28 May 2015

The latest group show from Turf, titled Tru Luv, will run at the London space from May 28 until June 27.

The group exhibition brings together a handful of artists, including Jack Strange and Holly Hendry, for a collaborative exhibition that examines the value of love in contemporary art and the ethical implications of employing intimacy in the production of art.

The featured works have all been “fuelled by love, whether that be affectionate, familial, religious or romantic love”. The inevitable question is what hasn’t been inspired by some form of love, in some abstract way or another.

The exhibition also extends to an offsite work by Josh Whitaker titled ‘Ti Amo’ and a commissioned text by Alex Brenchley titled ‘Who Cares?’, as well as a series of limited edition silkscreen prints by Turf and the In Close Up publication by John Messenbird, and will accompanied by a programme of workshops, talks, and events throughout its duration.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Life Hacker @ Platform 1 Gallery, Oct 24 – 30

23 October 2014

Platform 1 Gallery at London’s Wandsworth Common Station will be hosting a small group exhibition titled Life Hacker and running from October 24 to October 30.

The show features three artists, each exploring in their own way the notion of ‘life hacks’ “[i]nspired by the growing trend online of problem solving, knowledge sharing and product subversion.” Not only does the term imply simple solutions to alleviating daily problems, but also to counter-culture movements that came about through the democratisation of information, like ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ of the 70s, and instructional pamphlets on how to build firearms and evade the police.

The three “amateur producers” featured in the exhibition are photographer Perce Jerrom, ‘sculptural filmmaker’ and artist Myles Painter, and Desktop Residency contributing artist Josh Whitaker, each working different mediums to explore the concept.

See the exhibition FB page for details. **


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Josh Whitaker @ Desktop Residency, Jun 16 – Jul 5

19 June 2014

The next artist participating in Desktop Residency‘s ongoing project is Josh Whitaker, whose digital wallpaper runs on the site from June 16 to July 5. 

Whitaker, whose work includes projects like wall installations and custom wallpaper, comes as the 26th artist to contribute to Desktop Residency’s wallpaper series, following in the footsteps of artists such as Gabriele Beveridge, Sean Edwards, Simon Whybray, and Emilia Bergmark, among others.

See the Desktop Residency website for details or to download Whitaker’s digital wallpaper. **

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