Jonathan Gonzalez

Secondary Vernacular @ Versace Versace Versace, Jun 30

30 June 2016

Terrence Riley, Jonathan Gonzalez and Domingo Castillo will be appearing in conversation at Miami’s Versace Versace Versace on June 30.

Altogether the trio specialising in art, architecture and design, will share their thoughts on how commercial interests have shaped Miami’s unique style, “the skyscraper’s push into the suburban banal and how the city is realizing an architectural existence beyond this still prevalent developer aesthetic.”

The event coincides with the publication of the Primitive Hut group exhibition catalogue, also curated by Gonzalez and running in the same Versace Versace Versace 8375 NE 2nd Avenue space from May 13 to June 25.

The artists involved included original design pieces by the likes of Deon Rubi, Jonathan Muecke, Gabrielle Baez, Brian Booth and others.

See the Versace Versace Versace campaign for details.**

Primitive Hut (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Versace Versace Versace, Miami.
Primitive Hut (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Versace Versace Versace, Miami.
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Guccivuitton @ ICA Miami, May 14 – Sep 25

15 May 2015

Guccivuitton will be participating in its first museum exhibition at Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art, running from May 14 to September 25.

The artist-run collective and gallery hasn’t been around too long, but has made a name for itself on the Miami art scene. The collective, composed of artists Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo, Armas Gutierrez and Jonathan Gonzalez, will construct a four-story “salesroom” and customized storage racks designed in collaboration with Jonathan Gonzalez of Office GA.

In this salesroom,  Guccivuitton will hang unsold works arranged by medium and size to “emphasize their commodity status, and to suggest questions of value inherent to a gallery or a museum”, creating a tongue-in-cheek critique of the commercialization and consumptive reduction of the contemporary art world. The group exhibition includes 24 participating artists and collectives, including Cristine Brache, Agatha Wara (of Luxury Face), and Phillip Estlund.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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