John Messenbird

TRU LUV @ Turf, May 28 – Jun 27

28 May 2015

The latest group show from Turf, titled Tru Luv, will run at the London space from May 28 until June 27.

The group exhibition brings together a handful of artists, including Jack Strange and Holly Hendry, for a collaborative exhibition that examines the value of love in contemporary art and the ethical implications of employing intimacy in the production of art.

The featured works have all been “fuelled by love, whether that be affectionate, familial, religious or romantic love”. The inevitable question is what hasn’t been inspired by some form of love, in some abstract way or another.

The exhibition also extends to an offsite work by Josh Whitaker titled ‘Ti Amo’ and a commissioned text by Alex Brenchley titled ‘Who Cares?’, as well as a series of limited edition silkscreen prints by Turf and the In Close Up publication by John Messenbird, and will accompanied by a programme of workshops, talks, and events throughout its duration.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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