Joelle D’Fontaine

#officeparty @ DRAF, Dec 17

16 December 2015

London’s David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) is hosting their last last event of the year, #officeparty, co-hosted with Francesca Gavin on December 17.

The show will include DJ sets by Dave MacLean of Django Django and Emmanuel Balogun of Visual Ideation, as well as performances by artist David Raymond Conroy.

There will also be a dance class by Joelle D’Fontaine and free photocopies of works by various artists including Benedict Drew, Allison Katz, Oscar Murillo, Peles Empire, Prem Sahib, Jesse Wine and more.

See DRAF website for details.**

Alexandra photocopy

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ANA_CON @ Project/Number, Mar 7

6 March 2015

ANA_CON kicks off a series of events during JK_NET‘s residency at Project/Number, beginning with a talk by Fannie Sosa on March 7.

The activist, artist and ‘curandera’ has much of her work focusing on “transness, divine pride and intersectional radically inclusionary feminism and body/mind decolonisation”, using a gender studies degree “to pop her pussy even more severely than before”.

The discussion will question the role of twerking in contemporary culture and whether it is used as a sexually liberating gesture or just another representation of the “oppressed hyper-sexualised body”. As if to answer its own question, the event will be followed by a TWERK LAB with Joelle D’Fontaine, and drinks after that.

See the FB event page for details. **

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