jennifer west

Jennifer West @ Vdrome, Jan 2 – 3

3 January 2014

Materialist Californian artist Jennifer West‘s Salt Crystals Spiral Jetty Dead Sea Five Year Film is showing for two days only online at Vdrome, from January 2 to 3.

Looking at memory, temporality and its ultimate erosion the LA-based artist took 70mm film, dunked it in the Dead Sea, soaked it in clay and left it to corrode in a suitcase for five years in California before finally dragging it along the center of Smithson’s Jetty in Utah last winter. The result is material marked by the movement of time and a tourism.

Watch the film online at the Vdrome website. **

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‘Mute Sound’ @ SLG, Aug 7

5 August 2013

For one reason or another people are just fascinated with Synaesthesia. The condition where people can perceive sound through colour. Unsurprisingly, it’s not uncommon among artists from Kwes to Nick Carlisle of Peepholes. Hence, South London Gallery Mute Sound, which explores this fascination with visual sound in experimental film in its Clore Studio this Wednesday, August 7.

Featuring films by Ian Helliwell, Charlotte Prodger, Florian and Michael Quistrebert, Steve Roden, Richard Sides and Jennifer West, the programme explores how “imagery, rhythm, shape, colour, and movement creates visual compositions that resonate as sound and music in our eyes and minds.”

See the SLG website for more details.**

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