‘Jennifer in Paradise’

Constant Dullaart @ Import Projects

30 August 2013

Berlin-based artist and curator or Dutch Internet Absurdist? Whatever you want to call Constant Dullaart his fun making approach to his practice has ended with a talking Google search engine reciting his own standard ‘Terms of Service’ and a campaign to remove the Twin Towers from a miniature scale replica of New York City in an amusement park in China. All this in the name of interrogating accessibility, visibility and representation in this global tech age.

For his exhibition Jennifer in Paradise at Import Projects, running from September 8 to October 23, he’s referencing the banal title of an equally banal (and slightly creepy) image of an unaware sunbather, the first ever to be photoshopped, to explore “human and machine, image and code, part and whole” via “theme parks, Special Economic Zones and the birth of the Compact Disc”.

See the Import Projects website for more details. **

Constant Dullaart, 'Terms of Service' (2012). HD Video.
Constant Dullaart, ‘Terms of Service’ (2012). HD Video.
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