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Out of the megalopolitan + on the periphery, Country Music launch their (club) music label at Berlin’s Monarch, Aug 17

16 August 2017

Country Music is launching their music label at Berlin’s Monarch on August 17.

Founded by artists Daniel Iinatti and Anna Sagström — the latter of whom recently closed out the seven-year running Minibar in Stockholm — the collaborative project is a way to explore the “(so called, or self defined) periphery and (club) music outside of the megalopolitan.” With a keen interest in material desires and failures, as well as ‘post-industrial economies,’ the Country Music label brings artists together who explore this terrain.

The event will include performances by KABLAMHAJ300GIL  and IINATTI, as well as the release of a special version of ‘A Theory for the Strange-Girl’ by Jennifer Boyd.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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SALT. Noli Mi Tangere launch @ SLG, Mar 11

9 March 2016

SALT. is launching and celebrating its eighth issue, ‘Noli Me Tangere’ at London’s South London Gallery on March 11.

How can you touch something by not touching it? Freud’s aphorism, “touch is the first act of possession” hovers over the issue like a threat, says the event’s text.

‘Noli Me Tangere’ (‘Touch Me Not’ in Latin) aims to overthrow the privileging of the visual in favour of the sensorial: “It is an inherently feminist art practice to muddy the translation between the see-able and the say-able.”

There will be readings, performances and a live screening on the evening from Sarah Boulton, Bronte Dow, George Nesbitt and Holly White, and some of the contributors of the issue include Madeleine Stack, Rozsa Farkas, Samara Scott, Jennifer Boyd, Lauren Goddard, Marina Xenofontos, whose video is below, and Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, Jala Wahid – three of the editors of the London-based magazine.

See the South London Gallery event page for more details.**



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