Jeff Preiss

Andrea Fraser @ Light Industry, Dec 9

9 December 2015

New York’s Light Industry is presenting a selection of videos by artist and writer Andrea Fraser on December 9.

Looking at the breadth of her art practice beyond being a “key practitioner of institutional critique”, the films will expand on the nuances of her work as a consummate performer with all the subtleties that continually subvert ideas of the art space as institution.

Inhabiting and embodying the role of “visiting artist, docent, art dealer, museum-goer, or television news reporter” for each piece, the fillms to be presented on the night include, ‘Hello! Welcome to Tate Modern!’ (2007), ‘Welcome to the Wadsworth: A Museum Tour’ (1991), ‘Reporting from São Paulo, I’m from the United States’ (1998), ‘Little Frank and His Carp’ (2001) and ‘ORCHARD Document: May I Help You?’ with Jeff Preiss, (1991/2005/2006).

See the Light Industry website for details.**

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