‘Japanese Tendencies’

Young Braised ‘Japanese Tendencies’ out Sep 3

22 August 2013

We’re not going to take any guesses on what exactly Jaymes Bowman (aka Young Braised) means by Japanese Tendencies but, if this ‘Murakami’ track is anything to go by it includes ‘punani tsunamis’ and some barely perceivable video game sound effects. Evidently, there are chopsticks and some rap within the slightly ambient online vibes of the forthcoming record, coming out on 1080p, September 3.

Displaying many a post-PC element that is fast coming to define an era, Bowman’s oeuvre spans album titles like last year’s Big Trouble in Little China (also a 1986 film with questionable creeds of cultural appropriation). But, considering this sound of a stoner singing lines likeĀ “I came in her butt, now she call me a bummer” into his laptop, while watching shitty b-grade films on VHS player and doing you-know-what with his vibrating control pad, then cultural sensitivity is probably the least of his problems.

See the 1080p website for more details. **

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