James Richards

Futurecamp @ Wysing Arts Centre, Jun 9 – Aug 15

30 May 2014

Wysing Arts Centre will be hosting Futurecamp, a 10-week residency and events programme, from June 9 to August 15.

Artist participating in Futurecamp include Bonnie Camplin, David Raymond Conroy, Ahmet Öğüt, James Richards and Tracey Rose, all with 5 others, and will live and work from Wysing’s 11 acre rural site for the duration of the residency.

While David Raymond Conroy and James Richards live in-residence for the entire 10 weeks, the other participating artists will be joining them for shorter periods and contributing to a series a public events throughout the residency.

See the Wysing Arts Centre website for details. **

Piece by James Richards. Image courtesy artist.
Piece by James Richards. Image courtesy artist.
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